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This site has transitioned from the former Lambs Quarters Shop to the Renewable Energy Development. More information will be posted as progress is made during 2012-2013. See postings below.



(RED = Renewable Energy Development)



Everything takes longer than you think!  The house is indeed finished and ready to be seen!  I'll put up four pictures here and will put up more later.  Please feel free to schedule a tour if you'd like either by emailing me at or calling me at 715-258-5664.  My schedule is pretty flexible.  I am not doing any general open houses but I do have a for sale sign up on the road.  That's it so far.  Here are the pictures from the outside:

                                       And pictures of the entry doors:



So close to finishing!  All that needs to be done is the outside lights and final garage touches  - too cold - and the rest of the baseboard and trim. Then touchup.  Hope to finish this next week.

Barn doors in kitchen with mudroom/pantry through door to left & main entry through door to right.

Same area with barn doors closed.  Place for table between.

Movable tiled top work table with cutting board and drawer.

Shelves in main entry with a sound system which goes to speakers throughout the house.

Interior door style with no trim installed yet.

Tiled bench in main entry.

Utility sink, bench, backsplash at entry from garage to mudroom/pantry. Faucet missing.



The tiling is almost finished as is the plumbing.  You can see in these pics that work is in progress.

Countertop tiling in process.

Backsplash started.  Goes to the right behind the range to the refrigerator - not here yet. Kitchen sink installed.  
Mudroom/pantry utility sink installed.  Counter with backsplash.  Tiled bench to left. Mudroom/pantry view to broom closet in corner and full canned goods storage shelf visible.   Picture coming of interior doors.
Laundry/mechanical room.  This is the tiled laundry counter with metal pullout baskets below hole in counter.   Washer and dryer will be stacked at far end. Shower with grab bars. Laundry chute can be pushed open from the shower side to drop laundry right into a basket below.  Two baskets for sorting.
Master bath vanity tiled and sink installed.   ADA bath has a medicine cabinet above and also at sink height to the left accessible for a child or wheelchair. Laundry chute from the shower side with a handle to pull shut.


With the temperature reaching 20 below this past week and not even above zero during the day, the house temp was set at a work temperature of 59 degrees.  The thermostats in the house read 62 degrees with passive solar.   The wood stove is not being used yet.  This should heat the house nicely.

No valves open in below zero temps

No electricity being used in below zero temps

Solar working well in below zero temps

New developments every day:

Nice tiling job on the walk-in shower done by All Things Construction.

Energy efficient washer and dryer delivered and waiting for installation. 

Kitchen cabinet start.  Barn lights and barn doors coming.

Fan & light in bdrms.  Globe missing.   All lights are LED.

Walk-in closet in master bdrm is well-lit.

Vanity cabinet in master bath

Start on kitchen cabinets looking south. Start on kitchen cabinets looking west. Drawers in living area.  All installations by Wild Wood Cabinetry.



12/23/2013    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

At this cold, cold season, I forgot to feature the wood stove - an Enerzone 2.3 - which will serve as primary or supplemental heat and a cookstove for that winter stew or potpourri, and, in an infrequent power outage, a source of heat and a means to cook and heat water.  Notice the finished heat sink wall behind the stove.  It has been painted but it could be tiled or faced with stone or brick.  Lots of paper protecting the finished floor.  Trim to come.   The house has an address now: E1955 Lambs Quarters Lane, Waupaca, WI 54981.  This is a private road.


I'd also like to recognize some of companies whose work on the house is almost finished:  Blenker Bldg Systems, John Golke Roofing, Northwind Renewables, Lorge Plumbing, Frings Soil Investigation, Schafer Well Drilling, RPM Landscaping, Snowbelt Woodstoves, and All Things Construction.  More to come as we near completion.


Lots of pics to share.  Should be finished by mid-January when an open house will be scheduled by appointment. 

Linen closet to go in one bath and vanity for other bath  standing in smaller bdrm.  Floor is tiled and grouted.   Probably one of the upper kitchen cabinets.  Notice windows that have no upkeep on inside.  Sills will be tiled. Looking from master bdrm which will have bamboo floor to short hallway.  Left is sm bdrom, to the right is bath with linen closet, wall hung sink.
Bath w/wall sink, dual flush toilet and vanity.  Floors and walls are tiled. This master bdrm bath has vanity to right.  Shower is located between the baths. Shower with grab bars and seat.  Hand held shower rides on bar.  Unit is 3 x 5 wheel chair accessible.  Tile is not grouted yet. Beautiful inlaid shower edge coming!
Not much to see here yet.  Trim, etc, not in yet, but it is a very important room, built to FEMA standard. 
Serves as root cellar, safe rm, and freezer location. (6x6)


Another view of the safe room showing the air control entry and exit.  Coming is an air control humidistat.  This room is unheated but well insulated with 10 in walls.   Cabinets are waiting for installation.  Catch a glimpse of the 3-panel oak interior doors.
Water hookup ready to go.  A hybrid electric water heater will go here. The heat supplemental to the wood stove is pictured here.  It is radiant infloor.  This is the whole unit with four zones. This is the ventilation system.  Fresh air comes in to the living area and is pulled out through 3 places.  Heat is transferred to the incoming air as it is pulled out.
From the porch the view to the southeast on a gloomy winter day. Looking from the living room to the south.  Solar panel is for the fencing. This is the well for the whole development.  It is on Lot #3.
  On the lot looking through the pines. Looking from the driveway at the north side.  Entry door will be red.  Lights to come. Looking down driveway toward the house to the west.


Better get some pics up here before we finish!  These were taken on Dec. 4-6.  The tiling of the floors will be completed this week.  Then all the cabinets, trim, doors will be brought in.  It will probably take into January to get all of it installed.  All the workers need a holiday break.  

          Living area w/heat sink wall         Kitchen area w/sun tunnels           Master Bedroom                       Mech/Laundry rm      



It's on to the inside.  The suntubes are in and the walls are painted.  The next task is the heat sink wall behind the woodstove.  The radiant infloor heat is on and the house is dried out and warmed up.  The wall will be painted and will soak up heat from passive solar and the woodstove once it is in action.  Tiling will start this week, too.  This stage is going to take awhile, but things will get done at the same time.  The cabinet installer is making a 2 x 4 multi-use table with a drawer and bread board for the kitchen in between building a house in North Dakota.  He won't be back to install cabinets until after the holidays but there is lots to be done before that.  



Outside is basically finished except for the PV panels on the south side and some landscaping.  Driveway will be in the next report.  The inside is at the drywall point.  Insulation is finished with thincoat plaster and paint to follow.  Will have more pictures soon.



Things are moving very quickly at this point.  Here is the house from the north side where the garage and main entry are.  The bubbles on the roof are the sun tunnels which come into the garage, kitchen, entry, mudroom/pantry, baths, and mechanical/laundry room.  Once these are fully installed on the inside we'll see what kind of light they give.  All of the ones in the house also have an electrical light in them for use after dark.  The roof is a metal standing seam.  This is almost finished as of this date.  The rough electric and plumbing is almost finished.  It is really shaping up!


Finally mastered the pictures (maybe) so one quick one tonight.  We went from a slab to this in two days.  Interior walls are in and the roof underlayment was finished by 5 p.m.  By the end of the week, the metal roof should be on.  Electrical, PV, and HVAC start Monday with siding soon to follow.


Things are moving very quickly at this point.  All the initial work is being done this week so the walls can be brought in on October 7th.  I may be able to get some pictures up sometime this week.  New software was needed.  What I would like to start putting out there is what kind of person(s) would be interested in the purchase of this house.  It is expected to be finished by the end of the year.  So here are some essential descriptors:

   commitment to sustainability.  This house will have 2.5 Kw photovoltaic system on its roof which, once the owner(s) determine what the electrical load will be, has the potential to add more panels and reach zero energy.  30% federal tax credit is available through 2016.  A wood stove will be installed for primary or supplemental heat.  Infloor radiant heat will be installed.  All appliances are electrical and Energy Star including the range, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and freezer.  The house is built to last with little maintenance.  The future of sustainability leads to smaller homes with quality construction.    

   desire to live in a rural area of Waupaca County 10 miles from the largest city, Waupaca, which offers more educational, artistic, and cultural opportunities than many small cities of its size.  It is also half way between the Fox Valley with its PAC and Stevens Point with UW-SP. Fox Valley Technical College has a campus in Waupaca.  Website for the local paper is

   willingness to live in a cooperative community.  Each house is located on 1 acre with a southern exposure.  Easements for the private road cross all properties.  The north easement is for daily traffic.  The south easement crossing to the south of each home on the opposite side of where driveways come in is for a walking path and emergency vehicle access.  There is an easement to a common storage building where a riding mower, chipper, weed whacker, and other equipment can be stored and shared.  There is also a chicken coop in this building.  Aside from a monthly fee for snowplowing and any equipment repair, there is no other financial connection.  Just to be clear, this is not a commune.

   appreciation of natural areas and desire to have a hand in caring for the land.  Thirty acres of pasture are located to the south of all the houses.  It is all properly fenced with no roaming animals.  It is being used for rotational grazing of sheep, goats, and a resident donkey during the growing season, but there will always be areas that can be used for walking anytime and for winter sports.  A four acre area just beyond the lots is planted in prairie with many wildflowers.  This area is not grazed until October so that all the flowers and grasses can be enjoyed.  Parts of some of the lots also have this prairie on them.   

A covenant is available for review if you email with Sustainable Community in the subject line.  


I had hoped to put up some pictures from the last two weeks.  Rather than delay any longer with this snag, I'll verbally give an update.  The house on Lot #3 was staked on September 9th.  Ground was broken on the 12th and the footings poured on the 13th.  The insulating of the footings, back fill, water routing from the common well, septic work, preliminary HVAC and plumbing is happening on September 25th.  The house wall construction is beginning about October 3rd at Blenker Building Systems in Amherst with delivery the following week.  The goal is to have the house enclosed during October.  This is probably the most accurate update at this point.   


Today we'll try to show the entire property being developed and explain the reasons.  The GIS map below is from 2010 and was taken in late Winter.  North is at the top. The brown area is a dormant prairie.  The rest is pasture.  The house shown was built in 1995 according to the latest in renewable energy development at that time.  It has been on many solar tours for the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair Tour and the National Solar Energy Tour over the years. 

There are several reasons for this development:

1)  To use up all the development rights on the property so that the remaining approximately 30 acres is preserved as agricultural and recreational land.

2)  To build dwellings that are as close to zero energy as possible while built sustainably and affordably.

3)  To create an example for farmers with large parcels of land to "cash in on their retirement money" while preserving a large amount of land that could still be farmed.  



The map below shows just the part of the 40-acre parcel that is being developed including the 1995 house.  

The map below shows where the house on Lot 3 will be located.  The drive to the south of the house will be reduced to a 4-ft gravel walking path with turf over the base to preserve this drive for emergency vehicles only.  The drive to the north along the edge of the property will be the entry drive for daily use.  The drive for Lots 3 and 4 enters at the white "X" and meanders through the trees to the garage on the west end of the house.  As of today, the land is cleared for the septic, house, and driveway.  The remainder is wooded with red pines.  Solar access is available for PV production on the house.


7/30/2013    Land has been cleared for the first house on Lot #3 below

Permit process has begun for the first house with the following floor plan.

4/22/2013    EARTH DAY:  Progress is being made.  Soon to come, significant update.  

  • Lambs Quarters Farm is transitioning into a renewable energy conservation community of 5 dwellings bordering a 30-acre green space which will be used both for residents' recreation and grazing grass-fed lamb guarded by Abe, the donkey.  If you are interested in viewing a proposed covenant or receiving more information, email with Conservation Community in the subject line. As of August, 2012, the County has approved the development. 


  • Infrastructure development is in progress now. A well serving three lots has been dug and a pressure tank will be buried shortly. Houses will not need their own pressure tanks. A 1000-gal LP tank is also being installed in Spring of 2013 to serve three lots, four units. Each house will have their own gas meter and will pay accordingly through the Covenant. Since very little LP is needed, it is less expensive to do it this way. Price per gallon is cheaper and enough LP will be used by all homes to avoid a surcharge. Electricity is already accessible on each lot. Each house will have its own account with Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, the utility servicing the area, with most of the electricity being produced right on the property adjacent to the 1995 house in a 10.3 Kw system consisting of a tracker, three pole-mounted units, and a roof mounted unit. Telephone service will be up to each owner. Bug Tussel Wireless is the best internet service at this time. Separate septic systems will be installed on each lot.  


  • Site design is taking place now, February, 2013, along with basic house design of the first house. See first two sites below.  The plan is to have one house finished by Fall of 2013. Following this, upon sale of the first house, a variation will be done for the second house. Last will be a one-owner 2-unit house. All houses will have solar thermal radiant heat and hot water backed up by wood stoves and LP.  

                Lot 3                     Lot 4                             

This drawing shows the placement of the first two houses.  Construction will begin on the one on the left first.  The 1995 house is located to the right of these two 1-acre lots.  The 2-unit house will be located to the left of these lots toward the road.  The recreational/grazing area is to the south of these lots.  North is up.  To the north and on sides of the house are red pines.  To the south is prairie/grasses.  The walking path goes to the road.  Car traffic will enter from the north.  


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